Our Services 我们的服务

There’s nothing worse than coming home to a dirty house, and having to spend your precious free time getting things back in order.
Here at Kawasama, we’re proud of what we do, and we pride ourselves in handpicking only the best candidates for our clients and their families. Services that we are providing:

  • Hiring of domestic helper / housemaid from source country 申请女佣
  • Hiring of foreign worker from source country
  • Professionally training and quality maid 申请外劳
  • Counselling and retraining services 辅导服务
  • Cancellation of maid/worker permit 取消工人签证
  • Rehiring worker application 漂白工人
  • Medical check-up (FOMEMA) 身体检查
  • Renewal of passport / Visa / Contract 跟新护照,签证,合约。
  • Transfer maid document 工人转名
  • Booking and purchases air ticket 订机票
  • Airport Transfer 机场接送
  • Arrangement for insurance scheme for workers / maids 工人保险