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There are some potential problems in direct hiring, despite the low cost.  Although there are also risks involved when you hire through an agency,  such as when your maid has absconded, the agency fee will not be refunded.  However, there are some agencies that provide 6-month warranty in the event your maid absconded in the first six months.

If you are hiring directly, here are some problems you may face:

1. Difficulty in finding a foreign helper

Unless you have the contact of a potential foreign maid in the country with a social visit pass in the country, it will be quite difficult for an employer to find a potential employee without an agent’s biodata. This brings us to the next issue.

2. The risk of getting scammed

Many employers will likely contact their previous live-in maid who is now back in their home country. The cost for the maid to fly in to Malaysia will be borne by the employer. However, there have been cases where the potential helper disappearing after receiving money to travel from their village to the city and also after getting the plane ticket.

3. Lack of training

Without an agency as a middle person, all training of the helper will fall on the employer. This does not just include training on the work but also the introduction to a difficult culture, especially for a new worker.

We at Agensi Pekerjaan Kawasama, we focus on finding the perfect match when it comes to domestic workers in South Africa and we take the time and hassle out of searching for that person to whom you entrust your home.

We also provide invaluable advice on a range of issues, such as what relevant market-related salaries may be for the positions you are looking to fill, and moreover, if you need help in a hurry, we can quickly find someone to help out, even if it’s a temporary position. We are able to do this for two reasons; first, we constantly keep our pool of potential candidates open, so when you request our services, there is a good chance that we already have your perfect match on our records. Second, we make it our business to source the best employees looking for work.

If you need even more reason to use our maid hire services, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email  or call us.


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